澳门钻石澳门钻石备用网站网站 澳门钻石澳门钻石备用网站网站 began in 1979 when Curtis McCall, President, opened his first theatre in his hometown. Consistent "sold-out" shows, delicious concessions and extraordinary customer service, at the twin cinema in the small town of Rainelle, WV, made the single location company a stand-out to movie-goers and developers alike. Curtis accepted the challenge of running multiple locations and quickly had 5 theatres in West Virginia. 澳门钻石澳门钻石备用网站网站 澳门钻石澳门钻石备用网站网站 currently operates in 9 states and we have over 550 team members dedicated to delivering that same exceptional, hometown-friendly customer service.

At the corporate level, we at 澳门钻石澳门钻石备用网站网站, pledge to maintain the industry's newest technology in all locations as quickly as possible. Each building is constructed with our customer in mind. Second only to customer service, concession snacks and refreshments are constantly scrutinized by our operations team to ensure each location is providing the best tasting, freshest concession items.

We believe that our goal of offering quality family entertainment, in state-of-the-art facilities, that exceed the expectation of each guest on every visit is met, in part, by featuring industry leading amenities.

For over 35 years 澳门钻石澳门钻石备用网站网站 澳门钻石澳门钻石备用网站网站 has brought the best in film entertainment to the communities we serve. We plan to expand with new locations in Florida, Tennessee and West Virginia in the near future.




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